Five Eco-Conscious Sandals Your Feet Will Love

Summer is here, which means many of us are packing away our winter gear and bringing out our summer attire, swapping out boots and socks for airy open-toed sandals. Given that there are so many amazing options on the market, picking out the perfect pair can be overwhelming.

To help you explore some options, we’re breaking down our favorite eco-conscious sandals that your feet (and Mother Nature) will love.

A quick tip: try not to get into the “I’ll just buy one of each” mindset. Instead, step back and consider your needs. And, no, wanting on in every color isn’t a need.


Eco-Conscious Sandals Indosole

Product profile
  • Repurposed Rubber Tire Sole Footwear
  • Natural Materials for Uppers like Canvas, Banana Leaves, and Grass
  • B-Corp Certified
  • Crafted by Indonesian Artisans
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About the company

Indosole was born from an outstanding idea: preventing unwanted tires from polluting the environment.

After founder Kyle Parsons visited Bali in 2004 and purchased a pair of sandals made with soles repurposed from motorbikes, his mission was clear. He brought the same idea to California to help diminish the amount of tire waste that ends up in landfills. And we think that’s very cool.



Eco-Conscious Sandals Everlane

Product profile
  • Ethical Factories with Fair Wages, Reasonable Hours, and Environment
  • Radical Transparency: Disclosing the True Cost of Everything They Make
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About the company

Everlane is changing the way consumers think about shopping with their revolutionary “Radical Transparency” idea. This means that you will always know the true cost of each item they make.

They work closely with factories that employ strict ethicals in their wages, hours, and work environments. Therefore, you can feel confident that all of the items they sell have met or exceeded their exacting standards. That makes them one of our favorite choices for eco-conscious sandals.



Eco-Conscious Sandals Bhava
Product profile
  • Animal- and Cruelty-Free
  • Focused on Workers’ Rights
  • Repairable Soles
  • Organic and Recycled Components
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About the company

Bhava has taken a staunch stand on animal rights, so while you may think our pick looks like snakeskin, rest assured that it is actually hand-painted embossed cork. Their entire line of shoes is thoughtful and feminine, and consumers constantly praise their comfort.



Eco Conscious Sandals Able
Product profile
  • Economic Opportunity for Women
  • Ethical Fashion
  • Accountable: Transparency About Employment and Manufacturing Practices
  • Published Wages
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Why we love them

ABLE has some gorgeous sandals in their collection, many of which (including the Oliveira collection) come in a variety of colors. But shoes are not the only thing that ABLE is known for.

They offer a wide array of leather goods, handmade jewelry, clothing, footwear, and more. And all of their products adhere to their main focus: to offer economic opportunities for women artisans around the world.


Third Oak

Eco-Conscious Sandals Third Oak

Product profile
  • Made in the USA
  • Bio-Based Material that is 100% Vegan
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Cruelty-Free
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About the company

Balancing comfort and durability is tough, but Third Oak has managed to hit the ball out of the park! Their line of Scout flip flops comes in many different colors.

And because of their commitment to being eco-conscious, you can feel good about buying this eco-conscious sandal. They even offer to recycle old sandals you no longer wear!