Three Eco-Conscious Alternatives to K-Cups

Coffee. It’s the first word that most of us think about when our alarm goes off.

But not all coffee is created equal. While we’re big advocates of a full-bodied, Fair Trade, local dark roast that is prepared in our favorite French Press, we also know that everyone has a unique preference when it comes to our favorite morning beverage. And one of those preferences is K-Cup-based brewing systems.

Here are some quick coffee facts, provided by The National Coffee Association, that don’t bode well for our Planet:

  • One out of every five adults have consumed coffee made from a single-cup brewer,  Keurig being the most popular. This number is up from one in 14 from 2010.
  • In 2013, consumers purchased more than $3.1 billion worth of coffee pods. In 2008, this number was only $132 million.
  • Since launching its K-Cups in 2011, Starbucks reported sales for that product are up 65 percent.

What do these numbers mean in the grand scheme of things? Coffee waste is on the rise.

If you aren’t ready to give up your single-serve coffee, there are some wonderful alternatives to K-Cups. Here are a few we’re excited about.


This amazing company saw K-Cups as a potential problem and came up with a brilliant solution… a reusable filter for Keurig single-cup brewing machines. The benefits that this product offers are vast.

    • Less waste: This little gem generates zero waste since there’s nothing to throw away.
    • Money saved: Up to 80 percent less than buying the standard Keurig K-Cups.
    • More choices: You use the coffee of your choice, and you aren’t bound by specific roasts or blends.
    • Customization: You can select the perfect coffee strength depending on your morning mood.
    • Easy to clean: When you’re finished brewing, remove your ekobrew cup from the coffee machine, empty the used coffee grinds, and rinse your ekobrew cup for its next use!

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One Coffee

One Coffee’s mission is to create the most sustainable single-serve coffee available that provides features that are beneficial to people and our planet, which makes it one of our favorite alternatives to K-Cups.

This conscious company specializes not only in using 100 percent compostable materials to create its products, but also in only filling its pods with organic, fair trade coffee. There is zero waste when it comes to One Coffee’s product since each and every detail of the pod and packaging was created for the conscious consumer.

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If you can’t bear to live without an actual coffee filter, EZ-Cup offers a great solution. It’s similar to ekobrew except that its product uses a disposable, biodegradable filter. It’s compatible with most Keurigs and other K-Cup-compatible brewers. The cup is constructed out of durable, BPA-free plastic that has a self-tamping spring to create the perfect coffee consistency.

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